Sunday, July 29, 2012

eReader vs. Paperback - Round 3

The paparazzi My family took my photo the other day while I was chilling with some Fifty Shades Freed down on the dock.  (I love summer.)

I have spent many hours down by the water reading my book, which got me to thinking, "Would I bring my Kindle down there?"  I'm one of those girls who tries to keep everything in the excellent condition that I purchased it in.  I don't want anything to happen to my Kindle. 

Today while sitting on the dock next to my mom, I accidentally knocked over a full glass of water on her.  Clumsy?  Unlucky?  Maybe.  Knowing me, I would probably drop my Kindle in the lake if I brought it down there.  (I have yet to drop a book in the lake, but at least if I did, it would dry a little awkwardly with the krinkled pages, making me feel terrible about what I'd done to it.  The worst case scenario in that situation would be that I finish reading a book from pages that are no longer perfect and flat or I'm out $20 or less for a book.  If I dropped my eReader in, it would cost me a bit more to replace...)

I wouldn't feel comfortable bringing it to the beach, either. 
Electronics + Sand = Bad combination. 

It's time to give my good ol' paperbacks a chance to catch up.  This point goes to the paperback because it can more easily withstand some of the elements of nature. 

eReader - 2.  Paperback  - 1.

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