Thursday, July 19, 2012

eReader vs. Paperback - Round 2

As I've mentioned, I've been living at a friend's place for the past 2 and a half weeks while I take a summer course four hours away from home.  I brought with me a couple books, knowing that I probably wouldn't have all that much time to read while I was here (you know, because of the school work and visiting).

But... since I'm a keener and finished all of my homework within the first week, I had plenty of extra minutes here and there to read.  I made it through the second book in the Fifty Shades trilogy on Tuesday night.  Due to my lack of planning the limited space in my suitcase, I did not bring the third book.  It's patiently awaiting me on my desk at "real" home. This has now left me with a few days and evenings anxiously waiting to start the third book, while I sit here and read through another book that I am, I admit, still enjoying.

Round two in my eReader vs. Paperback debate goes again to the eReader.  Had I had my books all loaded on my Kindle, I would have been able to start reading book three right away without waiting until my paperback (in another location) is in my hand.  (Ok, so maybe this is a bit unfair because I totally could have planned a little bit better, but still... The logic is there behind this point.)

eReader - 2.  Paperback - 0. 

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