Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shine (Lauren Myracle) and the Matthew Shepard Foundation

I just finished reading Shine by Lauren Myracle.  I enjoyed the book but I'm still wrapping my head around it right now.  A review to come soon, I promise!  If you just can't wait to read a summary, you can read one here...

Maybe it's just because of the kind of day I've had, but I wanted to make good use of this post before I reviewed the book.  Shine dealt with the serious topic of bullying and antigay hate crimes (and also touched on the seriousness of drugs).  Since today is also February 29th, which is Pink Shirt Day (for anti-bullying), I thought I would share this video by an artist that I love. 

In this video, Peter Katz is playing his song "The Fence." This song was written about Matthew Shepard, who was the victim of an antigay hate crime in 1998.  The Matthew Shepard Foundation was created in his name, and some of the proceeds from the book "Shine" will be donated to the Foundation. 


I strongly encourage you to do a bit of reading about the Matthew Shepard Foundation.  Let's help them with their Desired Outcome "to persuade people to think differently, behave differently, and inform others of the importance and value of diversity."

I don't know who said this one (word around Google is that it's Plato, but who knows) - "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."  Try to be the positive in someone's day, everyday.

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