Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - The Movie

It's been a while since I've seen the movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," but considering it's Oscar night, I thought it deserved a post! 

I recently went to see the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.  I loved it - but again, this isn't a blog about movies (sigh), so let's talk about how the movie compares to the book. 

I had just finished reading the novel by Stieg Larsson when I decided to go see the movie, so it was all really fresh in my mind.  (As a recap, I really enjoyed the book!)  Knowing that I hadn't forgotten any details from the book yet, I can say that the movie was so much like the book. 

I often find that when a movie is based on a novel, details from the book are omitted or altered.  Sometimes they are just insignificant details, but sometimes there are huge changes to make the film more "Hollywood worthy."  Such a good job was done on this movie - it stayed true to the book.  There were a few little things that were omitted or changed, but they in no way changed the events that occured in the novel.  Plus the acting was wonderful and you totally get lost in the story. 

Should you read the novel or watch the movie first? 
I recommend reading the novel before watching the movie, if only so that you can use your imagination and get lost in the words of Stieg Larsson.  Then once you're done enjoying the words, you can relive the story in 2 hours and 40 minutes of great acting. 

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