Sunday, October 16, 2011

Little Princes (Conor Grennan)

I was hesitant to start this book, mainly because I'm not usually a non fiction reader.  However, because this book came highly recommended by various family members, I decided to give it a go this summer.  I'm glad I did.

Little Princes is the true story of Conor Grennan, a twenty-nine-year-old who decides he's going to go volunteer in an orphanage in Nepal (mainly because he thought it would sound good when he told others!).  Although his initial visit to Nepal was just the first stop on his "one-year, solo round-the-world trip," the experiences he had with the many children in the orphanage changed him.

Living in Nepal exposed him to many things.  He discovered that many of the children in these orphanages were the victims of child trafficking; that is, when times were hard, these children were sold by their parents, who had been promised that their children would grow up in a safer environment with food, shelter, and education.  This was hardly the case for many of these children. Conor takes it upon himself to find family members and reunite them with their children. 

Conor Grennan's descriptions of the children really make you feel like you are experiencing what he is - many of his interactions with the children made me laugh out loud, whereas others made me really feel for them.  The story of his trek across the country really makes you understand how difficult this journey was and how much he was risking to help the orphans.

This book really shows how much impact one person can have - He did some pretty amazing things. 

If you purchase this book, a portion of the proceeds are donated to Next Generation Nepal.

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