Friday, October 21, 2011

The Last Song (Nicholas Sparks)

Yes, I know... I read this.  There were three reasons why The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks was on my book shelf and on my reading list this past spring. 

1. I'm a fan of romantic comedies and those "fall head over heels" movies so yes, I have seen the movie.  And I liked it.  (Fun fact from Nicholas Sparks' website: He wrote the screenplay before he wrote the novel.  Miley Cyrus, who plays Ronnie in the movie, loved the movie A Walk to Remember and wanted to do a similar movie.  The Last Song was created.)

2. I found this book at HomeSense for $1.80.  After liking the movie, how could I leave that cheap-o book at the store?

3. Last year, I was living in the middle of nowhere (where I knew almost no one) on a teaching job.  I needed stuff to do, so I had started to read a lot more.  Since it was report card time, I needed a book that wouldn't consume every minute of my time.  I figured that a book based on a movie that I'd already seen would be a good idea! 

The plot? Ronnie and her brother go visit their father one summer in North Carolina. Ronnie isn't impressed because, since the divorce of her parents, she hasn't been able to look at her father the same. Ronnie makes some unexpected friends in North Carolina and then secrets start unfolding that make Ronnie question her current relationships with her friends and her family.

What's my verdict on the book?  It was so similar to the movie that I felt like I was re-watching it as I read the book.  I liked that the book was easy to read and, because of the timing, it was the perfect book for me. If you're in the mood for a love story and a bit of family drama, find a copy of this book. 

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